What Is Column , 16 Types Of Columns In Civil Engineering

What is a column? A vertical structural member which can transfer the load from the slab, beam along with its self-weight to the foundation is called a column. Columns carry axial loads and therefore are designed for compression. Columns also carry bending moments about one or both of the cross-section axes. Mainly, a column constructed … Read more

Industrial Construction: Difference , Commercial And Industrial Construction

What is Industrial Construction? Industrial construction is a specific type of building that demands professional training and very skilled workers who can multi-task. Specific industrial construction generally includes huge scale projects with a high level of technical intricacy, such as oil refineries, steel mills, warehouses, factories, power plants, industrial units, and chemical processing plants. The … Read more

Steel Structure: Elements , Steel Columns , Beams , Advantages , Disadvantages


Steel structure The steel structure is a structure that is made from the planned combination of custom-designed structural steel members like vertical columns to handle compressive load and beams placed horizontally are designed to handle loads that are placed on its access. Steel structure involves a sub-structure or members in a building made from structural … Read more