Granite Flooring: Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Granite Flooring

Granite Flooring

Granite is one of the types of natural stone. Granite tile flooring is one of the most well-known selections for inside the house and also for outdoors giving to its several benefits. It even provides a visual appearance and is durable. These stones are hard igneous rocks, which are formed underneath the earth from the slow crystallization of magma during volcanic action.


The tiles are thick and have also toughness. Granite can install inside and outside of wall surfaces, offices, homes, porches, parking, and swimming pools with different types of finishing over it. It is important that the granite should have less variation in patterns to make it beautiful.

Types of Granite Flooring

Here are the most popular granite flooring types,

Kashmir White Granite


The Kashmir White Granite is a durable and glossy finish. This is a uniform material and preferred choice for flooring. Kashmir White Granite floor tiles are available in required sizes as per floor design. The Kashmir White Granite is recommended for Kitchen tops, wall surfaces, and also for flooring.

Platinum White Granite


Platinum white granite tiles are available in bright colors. The most significant benefit of using Platinum White Granite is its affordability. Its durability is also high.
This granite is available in polished, flamed and leather finish to fulfill any flooring requirement. Platinum White Granite is available in desired sizes for the required flooring design. Usually, it can use for Kitchen tops as well.

Black Galaxy Granite


Black Galaxy Granite tiles are also preferred for flooring. These tiles are sorted out without a line which provides great looks to the floor. The cost range of Black Galaxy Granite tiles is quite economical. The tiles can use in stairs, Kitchen tops, and so on. Black Galaxy Granite can use in required sizes for flooring as per design and style. This is an ideal selection for dark granite flooring.

Absolute Black Granite


Absolute Black Granite is more preferred for flooring. Absolute black granite tiles and slabs are available and used for flooring and counter-tops. Absolute Black Granite slabs are expensive but the tiles are less costly.

Rosy Pink Granite


Rosy Pink Granite is one of the most economical and beautiful granite. Rosy Pink Granite is considered very durable and uniform. These types of granite tiles do not need much maintenance.  To use that tiles save the cost of sealant because these granite tiles do not need any type of sealant. It finished with high-level polishing. This granite is available in the required sizes.

Tan Brown Granite


Tan brown granite is also dark color granite. These granite tiles and slabs can use in the floors and counter-tops and are also available in the required sizes. Tan Brown Granite is very hard and durable granite. The tiles can be used with the contrast of light color granite for a better look. These tiles can be used with different finishes like flamed, polished, and leather finishing.

Crystal Yellow Granite


The Crystal Yellow granite is one of the most used shades for granite flooring. This granite is truly bright in shade and ideal for indoor flooring. This is one of the most uniform granite, which has evenly scattered crystals in the pattern. This is durable, economical, and weather-friendly granite for use Indoor and outside. This granite looks bright in the low light area. Crystal yellow granite is available in the required sizes and thicknesses.

Advantages of Granite Flooring 


  • Granite is one of the hardest and very durable natural stones used in flooring. if considering longevity then granite tiles and slabs can be the best selection.
  • Natural granite does not fade or discolor in sunlight so can be laid outside too on flooring and wall surface.
  • Granite is very low maintenance. Cleaning is quick and easy for granite floor tile.
  • Granite tiles must be properly sealed, it is very resistant to moisture and can be used in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • There is a wide range of color choices with granite.
  • Granite does not conduct heat well. In the hot season, granite floors will help keep your living spaces cool and comfortable.

Disadvantages of Granite Flooring


  • Granite is a heavy product and this can be a problem for some floors.
  • Granite has a quite difficult installation procedure, which can be tough, time-consuming, and costly.
  • Granite can be unsafe when it is highly polished.
  • Granite needs to be regularly resealed in order to maintain it properly protected.
  • Granite flooring comes at a higher price, so it might not be appropriate for those who have a limited budget plan.