Gypsum Board False Ceiling – Types, Colors, Design Plan and More

Gypsum Board False Ceiling

Gypsum board ceilings are composed of hydrated sulfate of calcium. This type of false ceiling is tough, versatile, and economical. The gypsum false ceiling is lightweight, fire-resistant, and soundproof. It is a popular material for drop ceilings.
The gypsum boards making up the ceiling are square-shaped and hanged with the support of a metal framework. The finishing is given by providing laminates, paints, and wallpapers. It gives a good aesthetic effect and is enhanced with additional lighting.

Types and colors of gypsum boards

The different types of gypsum board are typical board, foil-backed gypsum, abuse-resistant board, core board, fire-resistant gypsum board, moisture-resistant, water-resistant gypsum board, and paperless gypsum board. Gypsum is naturally available in colors of white, yellow, red, brown, and grey. Gypsum boards can have laminate, wallpaper, and texture finishing.


Design plans for gypsum false ceiling

Gypsum ceilings can be created in floral patterns or geometric forms such as circle, rectangular, square, cloud-shaped, wavy parallel lines, etc. Avoid decorations and select designs with clean straight lines in small rooms. Diagonal, semi-diagonal, and hanging patterns are preferred. Select a lighting layout in advance, to select a suitable style according to the furniture placement.

Simple, single-level, and uncomplicated designs are preferred, though gypsum ceilings can be one or multi-layered. Patterns can be done along the border or can cover the full ceiling. Also, gypsum false ceilings can be designed in combination with timber, glass, mirror, or acrylic sheets, for a beautiful appearance.

Design plans for gypsum false ceiling

Factors to know prior to applying gypsum false ceilings

If you are on a limited budget plan, you can opt for a design that requires fewer materials. Selecting an outer ceiling style requires less quantity of gypsum boards.
You can also choose false ceilings only in some areas or as a border around the existing ceiling. By doing this, you can keep the original ceiling and it will make your space feel more spacious while introducing design affection.
Usually choose a false ceiling design where various other products, such as plywood or glass can also be utilized.
Suspended gypsum ceilings are not too sturdy. Hence, prior to hanging chandeliers or any ceiling lights, know how much weight it can support.

Factors gypsum false ceilings

Fix a part of plywood right above the gypsum sheet for providing strength, to hold the weight of any hanging aesthetic items, and so on.
The rod of a ceiling fan has to be affixed to the original ceiling slab, before the construction of a gypsum false ceiling.

Factors gypsum false ceilings-2


  • The gypsum boards are versatile, which allows designers to conveniently design them.
  • Several shapes and styles are commonly used like plain, pelmets, stepped, curved, and drop.
  • The gypsum boards are strengthened with glass fibers to make them a very good insulator.
  • It allows combat fire by releasing water when there is fire. The boards are cool and convert steam into water.


  • The possibility of cracks around the joints due to slight movement can happen when cutting holes for lights or fans or other fixtures.
  • It is not suitable for the moist area.
  • It can not be molded.
  • It can not be recycled conveniently.



Comparison of Plaster of Paris (POP) and gypsum false ceilings

Gypsum false ceiling Plaster of  Paris (POP) false ceiling
Repairing is very difficult since need to bring the whole thing down. Extreme proficiency is required for installation.
The installation process is effortless and less messy than POP. The installation process is very messy and can result in a lot of wastage.
Gypsum boards provide a seamless look. These are much cheaper than gypsum boards.
These boards have quality and consistency which gives maximum finish. POP ceilings are very durable and are more variety when it comes to design.
These are more expensive than POP. The installation process is very time-consuming.