Manhole: Types, Purpose, & Components of Manhole

Types, Purpose, & Components of Manhole A manhole is an opening, to a sewer line or in any utility service. Manholes are usually used as an access point for an underground utility like sewer systems, water, electricity, telephone and etc. A manhole is used for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning purpose. Manholes can be found in … Read more

5 Types of Rainwater Storage Tanks

Rainwater Storage Tank A rainwater storage tank is a water storage tank that is used to store rainwater from rooftops through pipes. It decreases mains water use and also for economic reasons. Stored water might be used for watering gardens, agriculture, washing clothes, and also for several purposes of domestic usage. Stored water may also … Read more

24 Different Types of Concrete Used in Construction


Types of Concrete Used in Construction Concrete is a construction material composed of cement, fine aggregates, and coarse aggregates mixed with water. Concrete is used for the construction of foundations, columns, beams, slabs, and also other load-bearing components. There are different kinds of binding material is used other than cement-like bitumen for asphalt concrete which … Read more

Portland Cement: Composition and Types of Portland Cement


Portland Cement The Portland cement was first manufactured by Joseph Aspdin from England who was a bricklayer. He took the license for Portland cement in 1824. Since then, continuous efforts were made on cement and discovered that improving chemical compositions in cement show different characteristics and properties. Portland cement is the product obtained by pulverizing … Read more

Gypsum Board False Ceiling – Types, Colors, Design Plan and More

Gypsum Board False Ceiling

Gypsum Board False Ceiling Gypsum board ceilings are composed of hydrated sulfate of calcium. This type of false ceiling is tough, versatile, and economical. The gypsum false ceiling is lightweight, fire-resistant, and soundproof. It is a popular material for drop ceilings. The gypsum boards making up the ceiling are square-shaped and hanged with the support … Read more